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Good Old Resolume Avenue 3 Updated to Version – Resolume VJ Software & Media Server.

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Download Avenue & Wire With over a hundred effects and sources you can add loads of new possibilities to Avenue & Arena. Avenue 3? This version is again more stable, has smoother deck switching, improved MIDI clock, new effects & blend modes and loads of other improvements.


VJ Footage & Loops & Clips – Resolume.


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Vj footage resolume avenue 3 free –


You fix the bug, and you repeat after yourself: ‘I will not add features half way through, I will not add features halfway through, I will not add…. Resolume 4. Nothing, except that you don’t have to sacrifice a layer to go full white. You can add it into an effect chain over a clip, and mess with the transfer modes to make new effects.

This blog is about Resolume, VJ-ing and the inspiring things the Resolume users make. Do you have something interesting to show the community? In the meantime you could try to input external audio via the Wormhole 2 VST plugin but we have not tried it yet so let us know how it does! Both are playing in Arkaos, or with grabbing Software like DVDrecorder from pinnacle without any problems, but in resolume 3 they don’t work correctly.

BTW I also tried to run them on resolume 2. I had a go with this plugin and it works fine! GeeEs wrote: I had a go with this plugin and it works fine! I am interested in recording external audio as well. I would prefer to record DJ audio and the VJ mix with resolume 3. Just curious. I understand that resolume does not allow for recording of line-in audio, and only records the audio from the clips within the program.

What about audio playing nativly on the computer, say iTunes or a audio cd? Sorry for the delay I use Fruity Loops FL as the host in this case and just added the wormhole2 vst to the master effectstrip. Now -everything- happening inside FL is sent to the wormhole2 vst.

It should work in a similar way in any other VST host i guess. Look for wormhole2. Resolume Avenue 3. That’s basicly it. I use a emu soundcard with emu-asio drivers and this combination works On my laptop with an onboard realtekHD soundcard and asio4all I can’t get it to work.

It won’t let me open more then 1 instance of the wormhole2 plugin at a time. GeeEs wrote: Sorry for the delay Hey GeeEs, I tested this today and it worked like a charm. But overall works good. I will try it again see how often it drops out later. Thanks again for the tutorial. For the moment I’m just trying the soft with different kind of files DXV and there’s no problem.

But when I close R3 it crashes. I continue experimentations and send you my impressions. Do you have OSC input turned on in the preferences? This can sometimes cause a crash when closing Resolume 3 on the mac. This will be fixed in the next free update. Raw Designs is the company of Ryan Whitmer. He is a man of little words but a lot of pixels.

Raise your weapon and bring a 21 gun salute to the skills of Raw Designs. Combining some high quality abstract 3d with high-tech robot heads, this pack is guaranteed to turn any screen into a weapon of mass destruction. RAW Designs keeping the big hitters coming with the 2nd installment of Synthesize. This pack is full of superb abstract 3d while also delivering high quality depth of field that immerses your audience into this synthetic world.

Synthesize is the next level of abstract 3D. RebelOverlay specialize in live performance visuals, video installations and creative video solutions for clubs, festivals and events.

Relive that feeling of blasting asteroids on your Vectrex or the moment when Zod is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Look, up in the sky! Is it a particle system? Is it a line pattern? No, it’s the UltraForm loop pack! Born as Kal-El on the planet Krypton, this loop pack has the super human ability to wow audiences everywhere. Tanks rolling by, jets flying over and choppers hovering in the sky.

Retro Vectrix Tron style. Drop beats not bombs! Sometimes the simplest things can look so damn good. These simple but effective footage is bread and butter for every VJ. Rebel Overlay aint bound-and-hagged but swingin’ on the flippity-flop sporting his dirty dubsteppers.

Less scare, more colour than the Original. No animals were harmed during the making of this movie. CircleThing is footage of a large circular 3D shape moving in space, full of rhythm, full of detail. Now also available in p and p HD resolution.

Riotstarter is an Ukrainian self-taught motion designer based in Kyiv. His main focus is the development of horror visuals which can thrill an audience.

He works for themed parties or even heavy metal, gothic events and festivals. Rohan is a visual artist based out of India. His forte is projection mapping and motion design. He is inspired by patterns in nature and is passionate about visuals that elevate the subconscious.

This pack makes no apologies and just shows the crowd what to do. Put your hands up! Premade Resolume composition included. Sebastian M. The main focus of his work is the design of immersive rooms with visuals and music. Since he has been working for various national and international theatre productions, live performances, exhibitions and commercial productions, incl.

Many projects are carried out by his own label, LEM Studios founded , often in cooperation with other artists or commissioned by agencies. Strangeloop is back with the third instalment of his Hyperfields saga. Menger cube arrays cycle through alien wave patterns.

Step into the hyper field and be transported to another dimension. Step into another world of machine elf anatomy and interferential wave patterns. Stimulate your pineal gland and mainline the secret truth of the universe. Zooming in on the subatomic level of chemical reactions and observing the behavior of matter itself, this loop pack fuses abstract 3D with a tangible, almost analog feel.

It’s so good you can almost taste it. Studio Gambar Gerak is a visual artist team based in Bali, Indonesia. Studio Gambar Gerak was formed at the end of , consisting of several VJs who have been working for more than 10 years at several clubs, including the last as a resident at Skygarden Bali 69 topclubs This team had the same passion to create new things and many works have been produced, especially 3D animation for projection mapping.

This pack is just perfection. Orange and cyan is just the best colour scheme, and the loops have a beautiful sense of depth. The animation is highly rhythmical yet easily mixable. Sweet, sugary and brightly coloured, Lolipop is the very definition of eye candy. Missing out on these lollipops means you’re the sucker. Full steam ahead! This is a story of an alternative future. A glimpse into a world where instead of electricity, steam became the dominant source of energy.

STV in Motion taps into strange techno-alchemistic runes. Let your soul be immersed into his high-tech wizardry. Let your intuition be guided by the one and only true pixel. The centered circle is a cornerstone of VJ visuals since the early nineties demo scene. With Vectorius, STV in Motion reinvents the genre, adding an amount of finesse and style to make it pop on any screen.

Tomika merges digital spaces with live music performances and creates a fully whimsical and immersive experiences. From grooves and mellow imagery to instant seizures, Tomika aims to bring colours and movement to the music with immersive visuals. Tristan Gieler is an animator, VJ and audiovisual tinkerer from Amsterdam.

He likes dogs, monsters, robots and angry punk music, and likes to come up with creative ways to make things move. Coming straight out of the Dutch underground party scene, they create visuals for commercials, videoclips, dj’s, events en more. It’s a new morning in Polygonia. We follow the information super highway and leap wire framed buildings in a single bound. We’re optimistic as to what becomes of it all.

We get signal, main screen turn on. Keep your eyes on the sky, and watch out for bogeys on your six. Whether you’re carving down a hill of fresh powder or you’re about to beat your high score on Tetris, you can’t beat the rush of laying down a good line.

The AX virus is considered highly contagious. Symptoms include itching, nausea and a craving for human flesh. To minimize risk of infection, avoid contact with the mouth, nose and eyes.

The devil is in the details, and detail is something WireSystem has in abundance. Check your vitals on the HUD and prepare for take off in 3D city. In , the Beagle 2 Mars Rover was launched. We were told it crashed and its final transmission was classified top secret. The goal is to replicate the complex geometric visuals the brain generates during psychedelic states of mind.

Using math formulas to drive the geometry, motion and color of his animations, his work quickly started going viral on social media. With such a high demand for his content he opened up a store and used the funds to buy better hardware for even more complex renders.

At this point he has 3 computers loaded with 7 GPUs that render 24 hours a day for fully raytraced visuals, creating a total of over loops since he started. As computer technology advances he hopes to always be pushing it to its absolute limits to show the world the true depth of both mathematics and the human mind.

Vibes VJ is a video performer based in France. He creates visuals, video clips, visuals for DJs, events and artwork. Video is a professional animator from Amsterdam with a background in 3D and motion graphics. He likes playing around with reflections, refractions and render-engines and some of these experiments turn out to be excellent VJ material. Video ups the ante for with highly detailed modeling, rhythmic animation and a mesmerizing play with light.

This is sure going to move some heads. If you’re looking for excellent rhythmical animation, beautiful minimalistic 3d design, combined with an amazing colour scheme and an excellent sense of depth, LineaRecta is the pack for you.

Using a centered and mirrored, almost fractal-like composition style, the type of animation in this pack is closely related to generative visuals. Machina is the visual equivalent of the low frequency rumble, the high pitched hiss, the hypnotic throbbing of relentless machine hydraulics.

Flowing and sparkling, these luminous ribbons weave their way through 3D space. Also available in ultra widescreen x resolution! Treading the thin line between texture and refraction, grunged and polished, rough and smooth, PapeRate is a colourful trip. On the web he is known as Videomaster. He has over 7 years of experience in video editing and various 3D software. Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up and behold the greatest show on earth: the FreakShow.

Visual Delight is the playground of Steve Gerges. Luxembourg based motion designer and audiovisual artist. Motion Designer since and VJ since around the same time, he’s always looking to experiment with images and sound especially in a live environment.

This gave him the possibility to push his experimentation further by focusing on real-time and audio-reactive visuals. In the meantime he’s trying to develop more artistic projects, combining visuals and interactive parameters. Eighteen months ago, the first evidence of intelligent life off the Earth was discovered. It was buried forty feet below the lunar surface, near the crater Tycho. Visual Lab brings cinematic visual experiences to all the big stages in the world.

Best known for developing Nicky Romero’s visual style and show. They have worked in the live entertaintment industry for over two decades, working their ways through various fields of show ending up in specializing in the field of video, motion graphics, media server operations, show development and operating.

As passionate visual artists, they have been doing live visuals since for festivals, as tour VJs and as visual artists on music events in general. A creative warehouse focused on creating jaw-dropping visual experiences. We are a family of inspired folks who are constantly redefining how best to share the ideas with the world. From stage set-ups for the largest music festivals, product launches for global brands to 3D projection mapping and interactive art installations, we offer a plethora of services, customized for each client.

He is a self-taught and passionate from an early age for digital art and all the possibilities it offers. WTFlow aka Florian Michel was born in France and since he is 15 years old, he works every day of his life on live shows.

He is part of Visionz audiovisual team and always gives his best to improve himself in the creation of epic visuals, bringing the crowd deeper into new worlds! Zeplab is a broad media company that focuses on Artists and Music Events. From the start the main focus has been to deliver a great visual experience by operating as an active VJ. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls With great pleasure I give to you the amazing graphic skills of Zeplab!

All eyes to centre stage for this 3D Circus extravaganza! Transvolt A beautiful morsel of motion design. Lights Do you feel that? That warm fuzzy analog feel? OverlayEccentrics 4K! A delicious morsel of motion design. UltraBursts 4K Shimmer and sparkle all around. NeoGlitch Tearing through the pixels, tearing through the screens.

Discube 4K! Rubik’s cube inspired loops. Barricade 4K! Barricade your screens with these bpm synced loops. Spectrum 4K! GeoStripes 4K! Flavoured like a pack of bubble gum. BluredLines Abstract. FlicKit 4K! Full speed ahead! Dan Wise Dan Wise is a digital artist and animator based in London, with a passion for creating eye catching artwork and experimenting with new styles. MoCapMayhem 4K!

Motion captured dance moves. RazzleDazzle2 Dan Wise is back with more Dazzle camo tactics! NeoTron ‘Cities are never random. HyperSpace Traveling through the multi-verse faster than the speed of light, energy and matter become a colourful blur.

VHyes Warning! RazzleDazzle Based on the principles of the WW1 dazzle camouflage, these clips use perspective and misdirection to bring visual trickery into your VJ set. CosmosFabric Step inside the inside – into a place where the laws of the universe twist and bend, where you can catch a glimpse of the very fabric of the cosmos.

AndroidDreams After rewiring a broken test subject from the ‘s we were able to retrieve the following video images Analog Recycling The AnalogRecycling collective have done it all, from the smallest clubs with only 50 people on the dance floor to the biggest stadiums filled to the brim with over Subconscious Analog Recycling is back!

DVizion DVizion is founded by Angelo Isenia who shares a big passion for video and motion design for over 10 years of performing at festivals around the world. CubeCity 4K! A mixture of technical, scifi and abstract. BoxMappingToolkit 4K! Create highly complex 3D Projection mapping illusions. VirtualStageFX When using pyrotechnics isn’t possible, you can count on these loops. FloodLight It’s all about the light. And shadows. Focus Bright, rhythmic, colorful. This is what every screen needs.

Tunnels It’s all about the illusion of depth. Displace2 The only thing better than the first Displace pack is the second Displace pack. Abstract These 20 loops pack all the punch you need. NeonStructures NeonStructures is a pack of rarefied gases, lit up by thousands of volts of high potential content. AudioTech Plug in to the PA and get connected to the sound. Invertebrates This pack brings storytelling into VJ-ing. Invertebrates rule over humanity. Adinkra 4K! Animated African symbols.

NormalGuy It’s you against the world. InternationalPatterns 4K! Use them as they are or layer them on top of your existing footage. Dystopia 4K! Heartbreaker Warning! Heartbreaker on the loose. Christmas Evil Santa might be evil, but he’s dancing on all your tunes. Halloween We live, we die and we have lots of fun in between.

Mech Rise of the machine! LoPolyZoo Lions, rhinos, wolves, deer, this pack has got more animals than polygons. HuffPuff Light the fire and add some smokey vibes to your set. Panoramic Triplewide! Take in a wide perspective on life. GlassMachines Unleash your inner mad scientist with this amazing transparent machinery. Carolina S. Otero Carol was born on a beautiful and hot summer day in Madrid in Nightmares See you in Carolina’s nightmares! UrbanRhythms Buildings and communication towers with red and black graphic elements.

DarkAttraction A collection of classical sculptures touching each other and glitching. Catmac VJ Catmac decided to discontinue his doctoral studies in the Psychology of Perception in order to immediately begin generating visual material and share his passion with those who attend his sessions.

DisplacedTerrains 4K! Full screen loops made using displacement maps generated with procedural textures. OrganicMotions Abstract, organic motions loops kissed by the sun and held closely by the blue sky.

Machine A pack of 30 stand alone full screen mad loops. DriftNet Caution: content is extremely hot! Cytology As cells divide and recombine, life continues to evolve. VirtualMemory Recursive poetry in motion. ChaoticGeometries Step into the chaos. LucidDream Is this real life? Or is this just fantasy? Inferno Resident psychonaut Catmac deals another dose of the the most mind melting visual psychedelica.

SpiritMolecule This pack is a direct stimulation of your pineal gland. HallucinoGene HallucinoGene is a psychedelic trip of strangely morphing alien tunnels and pulsing abstract machinery.

LiquidLightning The lightning that enlightens! BlackDancer Infuse some class into your set. WhiteDancer An ethereal ghostlike shape floating through the collective subconscious. Videologies4 Analog, minimal and abstract. Videologies3 Keep ’em analog loops coming! Videologies2 A brand new pack that includes explorations with a recently developed analog video device. Videologies1 Unique analog video loops impossible to replicate in the digital environment.

Daniel Knight Daniel Knight always deliver warm feelings, peaceful atmospheres and general epicness through animations. Structures 4K! A modern twist on the classic style of black and white visuals. RedGiants Daniel Knight returns with another giant release. FutureTech Forget tractor beams and communicators, this is the real FutureTech. GlobalNetwork The visual equivalent of a dance floor filler. PeriodicElements If learning the periodic table in school would have been as fun as playing these loops, we would all be chemists today.

TunnelVision Daniel Knight blasts on the scene with his first footage pack. LostSignal 4K! We are getting Matrix vibes from these ones. FloatingPolygons2 This pack is like a sci-fi movie with no ending. FloatingPolygons Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve.

HyperLines Juicy and meaty colorful pack of loops. Diana Gheorghiu Diana Gheorghiu is a visual artist performing for the underground techno scene. Progressions3 4K! Trippy black and white background patterns. Progressions2 Breath in, breath out, it’s all about black and white.

Progressions Light is meaningful only in relation to darkness. FerroCious Over saturated with abstract 3D? Add a more analog feel to your sets. Muzencab Panagiotis Tomaras Muzencab is a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist mainly producing montage films, video mapping projections and light installations.

Blendwash 4K! Check this pack if you are looking for something different. Primitive 4K! Epilepsy warning! Cuboid2 Take your cube mapping to new heights with this successor of Cuboid by Muzencab. Metric In his new loop pack Metric, Muzencab shows style is something which is always evolving. Complementary This pack does not go well with a quiet sunset. Cuboid Map your cube and take a retinal trip of moving patterns and shaking forms.

Entasis Take a trip of illusions and paradoxes of visual perception. OrnateAnimals 4K! The secret wisdom of animals. BioBotica 4K! Bio bots moving mechanically on BPM tempo. Alien 4K! The pyramids, aliens! Crop circles, aliens! MachineHead 4K! Mechanoid and organoid.

The best of both worlds. Edgar Davey Edgar Davey is a visual artist and motion designer. Eyesupply Eyesupply is one of Holland’s most experienced and respected VJ crews. FingerPrint Eyesupply makes a lot of their footage in black and white and improvise colour at the gig. OrangeStrings From fluid to sparkling. From trance to drum ‘n bass. These clips show great versatility.

HoloVol1 4K! A pack of loops designed for transparent screens. Planets 4K! The planets and everything that orbits around them. Statues 4K! It has stone blocks, it has light, it has colors. Frozen 4K! This pack of loops was designed to cover all your holiday season needs. DancingBirds Flamingos and penguins on batteries bouncing on beats per minute.

Ghosteam Ghosteam is a media production company, specializes in stock motion graphics, visual solutions and audio productions.

LightsUp 4K! When the lights turn up the darkness settles in. Trinity 4K! Ghosteam goes all symbolic on this one. LunaPark 4K! Buckle up for a series of rides and roller coasters.

NeonRoom2 4K! Brighten up those screens with these already well known Ghosteam style neons. Grid 4K! Ghosteam is teaching us a lesson with every new pack he’s making. Unter More real than real. Opti A sleekly designed architectural pack of loops that will make the screens fall in love with their own pixels.

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