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Fast action and lots of power hidden in the butt provide control over any catch. Due to its structure, it does not scare the fish away and is invisible when submerged. Bigger eye facilitate comfortable use of cheburashka.


Mikado ultraviolet method feeder 3 50 free. Adding to basket…

Share MIKADO Catalog everywhere for free. Perfect for method feeder technique, ited unique shape helpsyour line stay pulled just. 10 cm long leader made from high-quality monofilament Toray fishing line. – Very high load capacity – high abrasion resistance – UV resistant – exact diameter.


Mikado ultraviolet method feeder 3 50 free


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Mikado Penetrate Grease 50ml. Mikado Liquid Graphite 10ml. Mikado Milestone Heavy Spinning Rods. Mikado Milestone Light Spinning Rods. Mikado Sasori Medium Spinning Rods 2pc.

Mikado Fish First Unhooking Mat. Mikado Wolfram Lithanium Leader 2pc. Mikado Jaws Wolfram Leader 2pc. Mikado Jaws Titanium Leader 2pc. Mikado Jaws Fluorocarbon Leader 2pc. Mikado Steel Leader With Snap 2pc. Mikado Velcro Rod Wraps 10pc. Mikado Douglas Method Feeder 1pc. Mikado Form Method Feeder Mould 1pc. Mikado Method Feeder Stoppers Clear 28pc. Mikado Drone Spinner. Mikado Spinner Willow.

Mikado Spoon Hammer. Mikado Spoon – Simon. Mikado Plastic Disgorger 3pc. Mikado Lure Hang Bag. Mikado Split Ring – Very Hard 5pc. Mikado Velcro Rod Wraps. Mikado Slim Spinner 15g 9. Customers who bought this item also bought. Product information Technical Details. For exceptions and conditions, see Return details.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. No customer reviews. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Remove the rubber sleeve, slide the feeder off the pin, change it to different one. All you need to do is to remove the rubber tube, remove the feeder from the pin and exchange it another one. Carefully designed in order to perfectly position the lure, effectively hold the bait and allow far casting.

Particularly recommended for loose baits and fine pellets. Place the lure with a hook in the middle of it, cover it with a bait or a pellet and squeeze it with a feeder. The bait perfectly sticks to the feeder and the lure stays on top of the bait cairn. Aerodynamic shape guarantees very far casts, plastic finish protects the lure from getting lost when hitting the water.

Special profile and proper length provides much longer casting distance compared to a standard tube. Incredibly durable fishing line and dreadfully sharp and sturdy hooks guarantee a positive outcome of each duel. Fitted with a 10 mm needle for bait placement. Finished with a black mat coating and a microbarb. Available both with and without a barb in two different shapes, supporting a solid handling of the fish and aiding the self-strike effect. Specially bent shank of a hook perfectly positions the point during strike.

The increased size Device for placing rubber bands on single pellet beans or on dumbels placed of a rubber block makes it easier to store leaders of various lengths. Just place the rubber band on 4 clamped wires and push the button to stretch it, place the pellet inside; release the button and you are all set.

The connector allows quick exchange of rigs without a need to tie new knots. Application of those Made in USA, extremely durable and elastic rubbers essential in Method allows quick and easy change of the type, size and flavor of the bait.

Feeder rig assembly. All that needs to be done placement in method feeder type rigs. Just place The Spike is a really sharp needle that lets you is to pierce the bait or a soft pellet with a needle, the connector on the hook, pierce the needle to quickly place your bait on the rig; additional twist it to secure the barb and the rig is ready through the ball or a soft pellet and turn it to lock barbs will keep it in the right place even during to use.

Just place the band on fitting. Must-have tool for quick Method Feeder amounts of bait, pellets or rinsing bloodworms a hook through a smaller eye and place the bait in rigs arming.

Absolute must-have for professional float the other one. Easy and simple way of pellet and and bottom anglers. Set of professional poles made for precise casting 17 liters of capacity. Just stick them into the ground 3 meters apart from each other and start coating them with a fishing line.

Count layers of the line to tell the distance and cast into the same spot. Great for stagnant and flowing waters. Various weights of floats with and without light stick mount are available in the range, as well as variety of shapes and colours. Great for stagnant waters. G SMP Unique construction allows to track the lure in the current and minimises chances of tangling. There are also spirolino floats available in the range.

Floats partially fitted with their own weight. Each model offered available in various weights. Powered with a tiny battery mounted in the safely sealed body of a float. Great tool for night fishing. Allows to quickly and easily secure a hook of a rig e. Necessary piece of equipment of any float angler. Used to attach the float to the fishing line, mount the clips to wagglers or to protect the knots on the ropes and fishing lines. MM MM 0. Classic, movable sinkers in a teardrop shape with PVC weighing.

Invaluable tool that allows to thoroughly check the tube, designed for float fishing. Especially useful for bottom fishing and sea fishing. Designed also for spinning — as special, side sinker.

Mainly used in running waters. Made of aluminium or plastic with impressive attention to details. Made using zinc plated steel and powder coated. Due to externally mounted sinker, the rig distribution of the bait. Perfect size for angling in canals and stagnant waters. Available in two sizes and various weights. Heavy and elastic Innovative fishing line designed for feeder angling with tip-side action rods.

Thanks to polyamide fibres used, the line is very soft and has no memory. Perfect for feeder fishing. MM non-predatory, mostly bream angling. With no memory Perfect for all sorts of float and bottom rigs. Amazingly smooth and being really strong, it will deliver many large fish even ZLEC 0. ZLEC 0. Universal shape will work great in bottom rigs assembly and in a drop shot technique.

Edge coated with 24k gold what guarantees sharpness in any conditions. Essential while carp angling, extremly durable and deformation resistant. Basic tool for a carp fishing with a natural baits. Specific shape provides a solid bait placement and preserves it from falling off while casting. Perfect for a feeder rigs.

Due to flatted bend hook is perfectly deformation-resistant. Great innovation that reduces the number of fish lost after strike. Barbs keep the bait in place eliminating the risk of accidental sliding. Perfect for angling with different sorts of paste or bread.

Construction with an eye aids the knot making. Extremely powerful, recommended for big carp and grass carp. Essential when angling for big carps and grass carps. Perfectly flatted hook for a typical mix with maggots with a corn. Strong and sharp, it will work great with vegetal and animal baits.

Black, matt finish stops the hook from reflecting any light and scaring the fish away. Made to be used with all sorts of lures. Carefully designed shape provides steady hauling. Smaller sizes will easily cope with hauling of award-winning breams, and crucian PCS carps. Larger ones will deal with a big carp with ease. Perfect to create hair rigs. Depending on a size ideal for a method or carp angling. Available in two colours.

Wider bend allows better handling of a large prey while hauling. Overlong, bent-in delta point guarantees steady strike and solid handling. Finished with a matt, barely visible coating. Bigger sizes will easily cope even with a catfish.

Hook barb was significantly decreased what makes the unhooking much easier even in case of a small mouth. Specific shape provides maximum hold. Made for professional angling using small lures such as white maggots and bloodworms. Made of a solid wire of a larger diameter, what provides steady hauling. Crafted for mid-sized carps with floral and animal-origin baits angling. Available in two colors. Incredibly sharp and precisely made point, chemically sharpened, enables steady strike and effective hauling, even of a fish with a hard mouth – such as zander.

Perfectly shaped, long shank with two barbs makes placement of the lure and fish unhooking much easier. Works perfectly in eel and burbot angling using animal based lures such as earthworms, fillets and offal. Significant bent increases strike effectiveness in case of a hard mouth of zanders and makes the lure look natural, while being steadily attached to the hook.

Designed for smaller baits like maggots or earthworms. One of the basic hooks used by professional anglers in float fishing competitions when fishing with a long pole. Japanese quality of finish and insane sharpness.

Application of garlic Realistic imitation of a red worm, available in three, different, carefully attractor makes it much more effective comparing to other artificial lures selected coatings. Garlic attractor significantly increases effectiveness of that kind, present on the market.

Carefully designed shape of that soft lure makes for aggressively baiting non-predatory fish, but also for trout or perch. Garlic attractor significantly increases effectiveness of that lure.

Great quality and simple construction guarantee proper protection and safe transport during the entire lifespan of the product. Series consist of Family of variable ladders made for storage of rigs and leaders. Offered in magnetic boxes with rings for storage of long feeder rigs and rigid wallets variety of lengths with a cork lining and hook beams. Fitted with special for shorter, float rigs. Offered with inner diameters ZL Mounted on a rod tip using twist-locks or metal clips.

Available also in fluo finish. There are plastic, aluminium and brass ones available in range. Made to be placed on floats antennas, bottom Versatile light stick mounts that can be mounted rods tips and to increase attractiveness of spinning lures such as twisters and wobblers.

Their special construction protects the tip and protects them from sliding off it. Our range caters for Rigid link for the feeder that prevents it from tangling when a twisted line is in everyone. Wide array of types and sizes allows to choose a perfect product use. Feeder link allows also to increase sensitivity of the rig to the maximum, for a selected method of angling. Available in 3 lengths. Very versetaile in float. Available in variety of sizes and colors. Handy both for bottom angling technique Boat rod pods made for trolling technique.

Due to their sturdy and for float fishing. Fitted with an adjustable rod tilt angle, they allow to perfectly choose depth of a lure being pulled behind the boat. Made of top-quality aluminium, fitted with a standard thread, allowing to easily adjust a right pod to conditions met. Made of top-quality plastic, fitted with Wide array of rod rests in various lengths, allowing to choose a perfect an elastic hose. Adjustable tilt angle allows to precisely position the rod product for the conditions at the fishery of choice.

They provide all the on a pod. Available in two shapes — for tip and butt of a rod. Among products available in range there are tips with various diameters and stiffens grades, made of carbon fibre or glass fibre. Absolute must-have for professional float and bottom anglers. Allows a precise baiting especially when the aim is to distribute the white maggots freely around the float.

Much larger dimensions provide comfort to even the pickiest anglers and to tons of their spare gear. Made of very durable mm fabric, with a roof, set of windows and durable PVC floor. Made of mm fabric with additional windows at the front and at the back.

The wrap reduces an amount of concentration of water vapours on the bivvy walls and retains the warmth during colder seasons. Inner dimensions guarantee comfort of use for two anglers with all the necessary gear.

Made of mm fabric with additional Set of hi-quality pegs for regular and brolly tents. The cover reduces an amount of concentration of water Package of 10 pieces in handy bag. Just-perfectly-rigid and stable, guarantees comfortable sleep even during long expeditions. Carefully designed mattress is very comfortable and durable at the same time, while the entire frame is very stable even at an uneven ground.

Universal connector allows to connect the leg to various beds, while adjustability provides stability in every terrain. Polar fleece lining provides thermal comfort during colder nights; thick zippers with collar make sure that you can get out of sleeping bag quickly. Mountable to bed frame with two collars and strap with a clip. When used with a sleeping bag, provides perfect thermal insulation during cold months. In summer it works great as a quilt.

Mountable to bed frame with straps with clips. Very strong, stable mattress with Polar fleece finish. Proper dimensions construction and compact transport dimensions. Stable and adjustable backrest. Fitted with a telescopic legs locking sturdy frame made of iron tubes 19 mm of diameter, nifty folding mechanism and comfortable upholstery made of high- system that provides small transport dimensions, armrests and drink shelf, abrasion-resistant fabric.

Durable top, made of ABS, has special compartments allowing to put all the accessories left on the table in order. Fitted with additional pockets for drinks and adjustable table-top-fabric tensioning straps. Product entirely made of metal, fitted with 4 adjustable legs position and angle too and very comfortable, wide buzzbars for 3 rods.

Very stable and versatile, will work great at any fishery. Wide buzzbars for 3 rods provide comfort of use of up with a double frame. Incredibly rigid construction that allows to perfectly set- to three rods; well-thought-through construction minimizes transport up rods at any surface, even with tips pointing really high into the sky.

Such a Amazingly versatile rod pod with adjustable legs length and spread, design guarantees enough space for large reels, and spreads tips of rods, adjustable 3 rods buzz bars height and length of the frame. Very stable model increasing sensitivity of the rigs. Great price to quality ratio and exceptional functionality. Depending on a model Basic carp angling set for bottom angling techniques. Rod pod Intro for 2 there are versions for 2 or 3 rods with 1 or 2 pod mounts. All buzz bars have rods, electronic bite alarms HR-C, colourful hangers and rod-mounting pod lock nuts that facilitate effortless application of bait alarms.

All of that packed in a handy bag. They provide all the Line Guard fitted to the landing net handle works perfectly necessary stability and mobility, what gives them advantage over rod pods.

It allows you too, to skip the snags and drop the rig in the wanted location. Depending on a particular model, they are made of rubber, plastic, aluminium or stainless steel. Adjustable grips and quick connectors are also available in range. It is a great idea that protects our rod in case of sudden strike.

Rod Guard locks the rod in and protects it from falling off the signaller even in case of a side-strike. Fitted with unique visual alarm system, based on a backlit logo and LED line. Adjustable volume, sensitivity and tone; wireless alarm with transmission. Guaranteed range of the receiver with vibration and signal transmission is equal to m.

Depending on a particular model, indicators 23AE 23AE 23AE are fitted with tone, volume and sensitivity adjustment and an additional socket for a illuminated swinger.

Extremely versatile and durable. Incredibly sensitive and durable. It has a light Basic, mechanical bait alarm — hanger type. Made of durable, metal socket, interchangeable weight allowing to easily adjust to conditions at the components.

Fitted with a ball head with a slot for a line and a chain. Made both for casting and – due to its weight, with a bait boat. Additional UV light will work great for luminous spinning lures irradiation. Re-chargeable batteries and USB charging cable included. Powered with AA batteries. It has 3 additional red diodes and surface. Very light, Strong headlight with CREE diode, fitted with Compact camping light, fitted with strong diodes, fitted with strong diodes and powered with additional red and green diodes.

It has a spread metal hanger and innovative design. Incredibly AAA batteries. Powered with AAA batteries. Carryall is a large bag with capacious main technique. It works great during short getaways with rod, where amount compartment, three side pockets and handy transport strap. Side pockets improve organization Available in two sizes.

Available in two sizes. Available in three sizes. The bag is designed to fit the bed folded together with the pouch. Great organization of smaller gear, such as leads, hooks or all sorts of sleeping bag.

Due to openable that facilitates quick and easy access to the main that can be used as a camping table. High-quality bottom and retractable net, it can also serve as chamber content. Additional side pockets can fit fabrics, sturdy zippers and additional arm strap a dryer for protein balls.

Additional hard finish lots of accessories; handy strap and a handle will are the key features here. Fitted with 3 side pockets, in the lower part, isolated from contact with Perfect for transport of all sorts of accessories, rigid side walls and top lid. Recommended also water, using waterproof, stiffened bottom. Perfect for short Carp accessories box, made of waterproof and durable EVA material. Fitted with an additional mesh angling and stalking trips. Prologic C-Series AB cm 3.

DAM Stickwalker 80mm 8g Mackerel. Dam Effzett Deep Scout 70mm Smelt. Dam Effzett Deep Scout 70mm Perch. New products. Feeder Bait F1 ochotka and hemp marinade ml 1. Feeder Bait F1 ochotka and hemp marinade ml 1 1. Method Pellet Feeder Bait butyric acid 2mm g 1 1 1.

Method Pellet Feeder Bait butyric acid 2mm g 1 1. Method Pellet Feeder Bait butyric acid 2mm g 1. Sensas groundbait Method Carpe Pellets 1 kg 1 1 1 1. Sensas groundbait Method Carpe Pellets 1 kg 1 1 1. Sensas groundbait Method Carpe Pellets 1 kg 1 1. Sensas groundbait Method Carpe Pellets 1 kg 1. Shop is in view mode. View full version of the site.

We care about your privacy Cookies and related technologies allow the website to function properly and help us adjust the offer to your needs. You can choose to accept our use of all these files and go to the store, or adapt the use of files to your preferences by selecting “Customize Consents”. Go to the store Customize consents. Shipping costs. Mikado Lentus AD Speedrunner Zebco lead shot assortment g.

JENZI assortment box with rubber beads. JENZI rubber stopper black soft rubber medium. Magic Trout 25mm Trout Swivel 10 6 pieces. Zebco lead shot assortment g, fine. Zebco Trophy steel leader 1×7 – Rolling L: 25cm 15kg. JENZI pearl assortment different assortments. JENZI carabiner swivel in black – nickel size 8 to 12 kg. Magic Trout 22mm trout swivel 12 6 pieces.

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