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Microsoft project 2010 training videos free. 95% off Microsoft Project 2010 Tutorial Video – Beginners – Advanced (Coupon)


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Criticism of Microsoft has followed various aspects of its products and business practices. Issues with ease of use, robustness, and security of the company’s software are common targets for critics. In the s, a number of malware mishaps targeted security flaws in Windows and other products. Microsoft was also accused of locking vendors and consumers in to their . Start quickly with the most recent versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive —combining the familiarity of Office and the unique Mac features you love. Work online or offline, on your own or with others in real time—whatever . Jun 13,  · Microsoft: A Leader in hybrid work solutions across 23 analyst reports The last two years have proven that every organization needs a digital fabric that connects the entire organization—from the boardroom to the frontline, and from internal teams to .


Microsoft project 2010 training videos free. The Ultimate Microsoft Project 2010 Training Course


In this video course, you will discover how to insert and edit tasks, and link, split, sort, filter, and organize tasks. Begin by learning how to insert a task and then further modify its information. This leads into learning how to edit a task, which can be easily done within Project. Then discover how to insert a recurring task, which is a task that repeats a set number of times.

The exact details and number of times the task repeats can be defined by using the Recurring Task Wizard. Learn how to link or split tasks, and group tasks, which is a good way of organizing different tasks in your project. Explore how to sort tasks; filter tasks, and use tables to reorganize tasks.

The course concludes by focusing on how to add notes to your tasks, and highlighting certain tasks. Managing Tasks Once you have created tasks in Project, you will need to learn how to enhance and manage your tasks. In this 7-video course, which has been recorded in a Project Online Desktop Client environment, you will discover how to insert columns, dropdown menus, and even import tasks from external applications.

Learners will begin by observing how to insert columns into a project table, and then create dropdown menus within a column, which limits the entries a user can insert within columns. This leads onto using formulas to create custom fields in Project, which saves you from having to calculate each cell individually, and adding outline numbers and work-breakdown WBS codes to better understand the structure of your tasks.

Also, you will explore how to define and customize WBS codes, and insert subprojects when working with multiple projects. The course concludes with a look at importing tasks from Outlook, which can be imported individually or as an entire folder.

Learners will discover how to format table text, change chart appearance, format bars, apply bar styles, display progress lines, and draw on Gantt charts in this 6-video course, recorded in a Project Online Desktop Client environment. To begin, you will learn how to format text within a table, which can highlight specific kinds of information in a Gantt chart, and then explore how to modify the appearance of the Gantt chart, changing the color scheme, link styles, and even the gridlines that appear in the chart.

In Project, tasks are displayed as bars in the Gantt chart, so you will look at how these bars can be formatted. You can apply bar styles to highlight a particular kind of task in the chart; display progress lines to show how projects are progressing, and finally, learn about drawing on a Gantt chart, where you can add extra information by inserting shapes or text boxes.

In this video course, you will explore the timeline, adding baselines, tracking project progress and critical tasks, adding milestones, using task indicators, rescheduling, and modifying calendars.

Begin by taking a look at the timeline, which offers a clear and concise overview of your project, and then learn how to add a baseline to your project, which allows you to compare the actual progression of the project to what you had originally planned. Next, discover how to track your project’s progress; track critical tasks, and analyze and configure critical tasks.

Explore how to add a milestone to highlight the objectives of your project; use task indicators to help manage and anticipate potential problems, and reschedule a project. Conclude the course by learning how to change the scheduling settings to make planning as intuitive as possible, and also how to modify your calendars.

In this video course, recorded in a Project Online Desktop Client environment, learners will discover how to add resources to projects, assign resources to tasks, use the Resource Graph, and pool and level resources. You will also explore Project’s report tools and how to generate reports, from report templates to text insertion and formatting. Learners begin the course by observing how to add resources to a project, which makes calculating a project’s costs much simpler.

Assigning resources to tasks then follows, which can be done in multiple ways. Discover how to use the resource graph, giving you a better idea of how your resources are allocated, and then pool resources to manage resources in a project.

Learn about leveling project resources, allowing you to quickly resolve any over-allocated resources; generate reports from templates; create a report, and insert text into reports. Also discover how to format text in a report, and to conclude, how to change the appearance of a report. Learners will discover how to illustrate projects with shapes, images, and links in this 7-video course, which has been recorded in a Project Online Desktop Client environment.

Begin by learning how to insert shapes to create diagrams in your reports, and then moving, resizing, and modifying shapes. You will also learn how to use colors and textures to change the appearance of the shapes in your reports, and apply different effects to personalize your documents. Next, you will delve into images and how to insert images to enhance your reports, and once inserted, move, resize, and crop your images.

Learners will then look at accessing the Image Formatting tools. Project also allows you to perform basic editing on images, adjusting brightness, contrast, or coloring of an image. The course concludes by demonstrating how to insert links, and to access relevant information more quickly. You will discover how to visualize Project data, including working with and formatting tables, charts, and PivotTables, in this 8-video course, recorded in a Project Online Desktop client environment.

Learners begin by observing how to insert a table, as using tables in a report can be very beneficial when illustrating information from a project. Next, you may want to edit your table, so take a look at accessing the table and the editing tools available within Project. Also, discover how to format a table using a number of different tools. You will learn how to insert and edit a chart, which is a great help in illustrating information in your project; add information to a chart, and then format your chart, where you can change its appearance using the Format tools.

Create a PivotTable, which enables you to gather and organize your data into Excel or Visio, and to conclude the course, create a custom PivotTable. Using the application with Office An Office subscription with Project offers access to additional useful features.

In this 4-video course, “Using the Application With Office ,” you will discover that these features include the ability to create and manage sprint charts as well as Agile projects like Waterfall projects.

This course, recorded in a Project Online Desktop Client environment, begins by demonstrating how to create a sprint project. Sprint projects are designed for small teams whose work can be broken into goals that can be completed within time box iterations, which are sprints.

Once the sprint project has been created, you will learn how to access and use available tools. The next tutorial explores the creation of a waterfall project for Agile task management. Project lets you view and manage your existing traditional waterfall projects in a task board view. Conclude the course by examining the Agile management tools, so you will be able to create Agile reports to analyze project progression.

Configuring Project Microsoft Project manages projects of all sizes, but you will want to configure it to work the way you need it to. PowerPoint Advanced. Learn about the creation of SAP Quick viewer Reports which helps to user to create the report as per business needs. Easily save as a PDF or print for daily use. Attention: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

This bundle includes: 17 hours of video tutorials 77 individual video lectures Optional quizzes to test what you’ve learned Certificate of completion Courses Included with this Bundle: Learn Microsoft Project During the Learn Microsoft Project video training course, your professional trainer guides you through project management topics such as task creation, resource management, cost tracking, using WBS codes, critical path reporting and more.

Learn Microsoft Project – Advanced Learn the value of defining costs up front—baselining the costs so you can track them. This course is eligible for 17 PDUs. Simon Sez IT makes business and technical software simple to learn. Our most important goal is to help learners build and strengthen your software skills. We focus on simplicity but explain things in the detail they deserve. Simon Sez IT subject matter experts bring passion, knowledge and practical insights to video-based courses and practice exercises — all designed to help learners immediately apply your new knowledge and master your learning goals.

Courses Included with Purchase. Simon Sez IT. Frequently Asked Questions Do you offer discounts for non-profits or educational institutions? Contact [email protected] for more information. Yes, we offer group discounts or multiple users.

Microsoft Project Full Guide. Project Risk Management Guide. MS Excel for Project Managers. NET apps. Civil Related Links. Video Training Tutorial. VICO Constructor. Civil Engg. Professional Ethics.


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