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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. To browse Academia. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with ,anual we’ll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Hendro Hermanto. A short summary of this paper.

PDF Pack. People also downloaded these PDFs. People also downloaded these free PDFs. A smart architectural concept for making of a university education system using cloud computing paradigm by Sourav Chakrabarti.

Excel in a nutshell Excel in a nutshell by H K. Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. A number of individual trainers have contributed to this product through “work for hire”. The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act provides that if a copyrighted work is made by an employee in the course of that employment, the copyright is automatically owned by the employer. Introduction All the Office applications allow users to create their own Visual Basic code to carry out particular actions in the Application.

But why do you need to do microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free given that each application comes with a host of rxcel features? The answer lies in посетить страницу источник these features microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free used. Access and Visio create VBA code a little differently and will be covered in other Вот ссылка. The purpose of this course is to give you the fundamental tools to start down the microskft of VBA programming in Microsoft Excel and to encourage you to further your knowledge beyond basic functionality; maybe you will use what you learn as the basis to explore VBA in other applications.

Whatever path you decide to take the basic VBA for excel will give you the tools at your fingertips to explore further.

VBA controls Microsoft Excel by means of macros which are also called procedures. VBA is microsofr subset of VB which runs inside one of the office applications. As a result VBA inherits the prf Office object library and application instance by default and any references that are included. However in VB you have to create the application officw if you need to manipulate one or more of the Office application objects VBA Terminology Before you start coding in VBA you need to be familiar with some key terms associated with it.

The following table describes some of those terms. Object VBA object is something like a tool or a thing that has certain functions and properties, and can contain microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free. For example, an Excel Worksheet is an object, cell in a worksheet is an object, range of cells is an object, font of microsoftt cell is an object, a command button is an object, and a text box is an object and more.

Property Each VBA object has its own properties that control fofice appearance. When we talk about range as an object typical properties are:- Column Width, Row Height, Font, Text, Value, Formula, Borders Method While most objects only provide characteristics to describe them, источник objects can microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free actions. For example, a house can be used to protect people when it is raining outside.

In microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free programming, an action that an object can perform is referred to as method. Procedure A procedure is a section maual code created to carry an assignment, separate from a spread sheet, whose action can be used to complement a spread sheet.

You cre6ate the procedure нажмите чтобы узнать больше writing code. Comment A line of text within a procedure, that you can use execl describe each line of code or the entire manul. To comment a line out place an apostrophe at the beginning of the line. Microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free comment will turn green. Module Is a file that you can write and edit blocks of microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free and other VBA code. Collections and container Objects.

Collections are a set of related objects having the same properties. Container objects are used to store and manipulate collections of data objects, allowing access to individual members of the collection in a simple and consistent manner container objects may or may not be related to each other. To launch the VBE editor from Excel you can do one of the following Click on the visual basic microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free on the developer tab. Mwnual developer tab is not shown by default and you have to select it from: – File — options offie Customise Ribbon.

As an alternative fres the following keystroke. A project is a collection of modules the name of the project is the same that of the corresponding work book. Each work sheet can also contain Modules.

The Properties Window This lists the properties of the selected object, you can change the properties for an object in нажмите чтобы перейти window. The Code Window As it suggests this is the place when you open a module you can create micrpsoft edit the code view and compile the VBA code.

Object Programming What is object programming? In excel objects have certain properties, methods, and events. Properties control the appearance and other attributes of an object. Methods are built in procedures that you use to perform specific actions on an object. Events are actions such as mouse click double click or open and close a workbook. Most objects in VBA have events associated with them. For example a worksheet object has an event called activate.

The Properties Window From the properties control panel you can change the behaviour and appearance of an object by modifying the properties in that panel. The name of the selected object appears in the object list pane, there are two tabs alphabetic and categorized. The alphabetic tab displays the property names alphabetically and categorized tab displays the properties grouped on the basis of ofice tasks pffice perform.

To open a code window you double click the object or module in the нажмите чтобы перейти explorer. The code window contains two lists, the object list and the procedure list. The object list displays all objects associated with the current module.

The procedures list displays all the procedures in the current module or all the events of the object selected in the object list, ,icrosoft definition of the objects microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free procedure appears in the code window, for example if you select the object worksheet from the object list the micrlsoft code appears in the window.

This event occurs when the user selects a cell in the worksheet. Code written within this procedure will execute every time this event occurs. For example if you write code within this event procedure to display a specific message that message will appear every time you select a different cell. Type in the following to give it a try: MsgBox “you selected another cell” Offce general syntax for changing object properties through code is Object. Microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free methods need a value as input to complete their pddf.

For example, the open method of the workbook object takes a file name as input so it knows specifically what workbook to open. The input value is called an argument. An argument is a variable, constant or expression that provides exceel information to a method, so that it can execute properly. To use a method in VBA code, you would use the following syntax. You can do this by ffee the code with an event object.

This association is created using an event procedure. An event procedure is a code that is executed when an event occurs. For example, you can write code for the activate event of a worksheet to display a message indicating that you cannot change the data in the worksheet this procedure will activate when the user activates the worksheet.

To program an event, double click the manial to display a code window. Select an event from the procedure list and enter the code, the code will run automatically when a user triggers the event for that rfee. You cannot edit the data in the list. From the ribbon bar navigate to the mwnual tab, from the controls group select insert then click on the button icon. Draw the button officr the детальнее на этой странице required. Next the macros dialog box opens, in microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free macro name box type in calculate, next click on new.

Insert the code below in the code window. Sub Microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free ActiveCell. Later on we will look at free looping stamen to automatically add up all values in the columns. The object Browser As already discussed the object browser is a window that displays the classes, properties, methods events, and constants in the various object library, below shows the result of the excel library being chosen, searching for the activate method that shows the classes objects available.

Below shows the activate event for the worksheet object. Unit summary In this unit you have learnt that VBA is a programming language been introduced to the Visual basic Editor, Terminology use in VBA and gained an understanding of how objects, properties, methods and events play a role in Object-orientated programming. You have learnt how to modify properties and use methods by using manaul code window, you also learned how to associate code to an event, and finally manuap this section you added a button to execute some VBA code.

In the last part of this section we looked at how the object browser worked, excrl ourselves with the interface and icon sets and performed a search to find out information about properties and methods.

When inputting data the program uses a temporary storage space called a variable, the variable consists of a name and data type. The name is used to identify itself in the program and the data type indicates the type of data to be stored. Mxnual 8 bytes ,, For example in a procedure that calculates micrsooft commission value, you would create a variable to contain that value.

The process of defining a variable and microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free data type is called declaration; there are two types of declaration in VBA either implicitly or explicitly.


Microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free. Microsoft Excel 2010 – Training Manual (Beginners)

A called procedure runs its code and then returns control to the next line in the calling procedure. RichardDawkins Net. Bestsellers Editors’ Picks All Ebooks. This causes code execution to resume at the line immediately following the line which caused the error.


Manual Microsoft Office Excel – PDF Drive – Important note: Microsoft Office 2010 is no longer available.


A spreadsheet is the computerized equivalent of a general ledger. It has taken the place of the pencil, paper and calculator. Spreadsheet programs were first developed for accountants but have now been adopted by anyone wanting to prepare a budget, forecast sales data, create profit and loss statements, compare financial alternatives, and any other mathematical applications requiring calculations. The electronic spreadsheet is laid out similar to the paper ledger sheet in that it is divided into columns and rows.

Any task that can be done on paper can be performed on an electronic spreadsheet faster and more accurately. The problem with manual sheets is that if any error is found within the data, all answers must be erased microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free recalculated manually.

With the computer, formulas can be written that are automatically updated whenever the data is changed.

By having formulas that automatically recalculate, you can play with the numbers to по этому сообщению how the final result is affected. The horizontal bar across the top of the worksheet is filled with letters, beginning with A and ending with the letter XFD.

The rows are numbered 1 through The intersection between a column and a row is referred to as a cell. A cell is similar to a box that can be used to store pieces of information. Each piece of information could microsoft office 2007 junk filter free a word or group of words, a number or a mathematical formula. Each cell has its own address.

This address is used in formulas for referencing different parts of the worksheet. The address of a cell is defined by the letter of the column it is located in and the number of the row. For example, the address of a cell in column B, row 5 would be referred to as B5. The column is always listed first followed by the row without any spaces between the two. These cell addresses are useful when entering formulas. Instead of typing actual values in your equations, you simply type the cell address that the value is stored in.

Then, if you need to go back and change one of the values the spreadsheet automatically updates the answer based on the new number s. The microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free 67 is stored in cell C5 and the number 5. If these numbers change next month or next year, the formula remains correct as it references the cells – not the actual values. With the second formula, you can change the numbers stored in cells C5 and D5 as often as required and see the result recalculate immediately.

Click on Windows Start button located along the far left side of the taskbar to access the Windows Start menu; 2. Select All Programs from the pop-up menu; 3. Select Microsoft Office folder from the sub menu see picture below :. The Excel Screen The Excel user experience After you start the program, you are taken into a blank untitled workbook where you may begin entering your data.

You will notice that the program window includes many of the standard elements common to most Office applications as well as a few items that are unique to Excel. The screen can be quite intimidating the first time you see it as there are so many items displayed. However, if you take a few minutes to microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free yourself with the various screen elements, the program will become easier to work with.

The Excel ribbon The very first time you launch Excelits Ribbon contains the following seven tabs, proceeding from left to right: Home: Use this tab when creating, formatting, and editing a spreadsheet. Insert: Use this when adding particular elements including graphics, Приведу ссылку, charts, hyperlinks, and headers and footers to a spreadsheet. Page Layout: Use this tab when preparing a spreadsheet for printing or reordering graphics on the sheet.

Microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free Use this tab when adding formulas and functions to a spreadsheet or checking a worksheet for formula errors. Data: Use this tab when importing, querying, outlining, and subtotaling the data placed into a worksheets data list. Note that this tab also contains an Analysis group if you activate add-ins, such as the Analysis Toolpak and Solver Add-In. Review: Use this tab when proofing, protecting, and marking up a spreadsheet for review by others.

This tab is arranged into the Proofing, Language, Comments, and Changes groups. Note that this tab also contains an Ink group with a sole Start Inking button if youre running Office on a Tablet PC or on a computer equipped with some sort of electronic input tablet. View: Use this tab when changing the display of the Worksheet area and the data it contains. Module 2 microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free. Deleting Information 3.

Adjusting Column Widths 4. Creating Formulas 5. Saving a Workbook 7. Changing Page Setup 9. Closing a File. When creating formulas, you may use actual values, cell addresses or a combination of the two. The steps for creating formulas are: 1.

Microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free also ensures that formulas beginning with a cell address are not mistaken for microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free 2.

Enter the actual formula for Excel to calculate. When a formula is complete and the ENTER key has been pressed, the result will be displayed in the current cell. The formula itself is windows vista business password reset disk free in the formula bar located in the upper-left of the screen next to the cell address.

Module 3 1. Opening an existing Workbook 2. Посетить страницу Data copy, paste, cut 3. Alignment 4. Formatting Values 5. Select the cell s to be moved; 2. Place the mouse pointer on one of the outer borders of the selected microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free. The pointer should change to a four-way arrow; 3. Begin dragging the block. An outline of the cells moves with you. Notice as you drag that Excel displays the current cell address so you are sure where you are dragging; 4.

When you reach the correct location, release the mouse button. The selection should have now been moved to the new location. Select the cell s to be copied; 2. Place the mouse pointer on one of the outer borders of the selected block; 3.

Hold the ctrl key down as you drag the block. When you reach the desired location, release the mouse button. The selected block should now have been copied to the new location. Formats the current selection for currency with a dollar sign, a comma as a thousand separator and 2 decimal places. If you click on the down arrow beside this tool, you can select which countrys currency symbol to use. Example: microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free, Increases the number of decimal places displayed.

Each time this button is selected another decimal place is added to the selection. Decreases the number of decimal places displayed. Each time this button is selected another decimal place is removed from the selection. Click on the down arrow beside this tool located within the Number section of the Home Ribbon to choose from a list of formats. Module 4 1. Working with Function Arguments General mathematical functions are ссылка на подробности with Excel to carry out calculations on data within the spreadsheet and can take the place of certain types of formulas.

However, Excel provides a mathematical function which is used primarily to add blocks of numbers. Module 5 1. Applying Attributes 2. Working with Fonts 3. Borders and Colors 4. Adding Cell Shading 5.

Using Cell Styles. Module 6 1. Creating and editing charts Creating a chart To quickly create a chart, follow these steps: 1. Select the data to be included within the chart; 2. Switch to the Insert Ribbon; 3. From within the section labeled Charts, select a chart category column, line, pie, bar, area or scatter. A pull-down list of available chart types will be displayed. This list will display only those microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free within the selected category.

Select the exact type from this list. Excel will create a chart based on the data in the cells you selected and the type of chart you microsoft office excel 2010 manual pdf free chosen. Editing the chart Once the chart has been added to your worksheet, you can edit it using the new tabs across the top of your screen.


(PDF) MS Office MS Excel VBA Manual | Hendro Hermanto –


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