Entrümpelung in Bremen

Bremer Räumung: Wir räumen alles

Do you want or need to clear contaminated sites from your basement , garage, attic, yard or residential property in Grasberg near Bremen? We are your specialist when it comes to filtering of all kinds. The team simply removes old furniture, bulky waste, appliances, household items, or anything else that has accumulated over the years. This is of course cheap and inexpensive. It goes without saying that our team will dispose of them professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner. After obtaining expert approval in Grasberg near Bremen, we deliver the Entrümpelung in Bremen system.

Old or unusable items are often stored in basements, attics, garages or sheds. It’s easy to get lost and I want to free myself from the old burden. If you want a clean room again, please contact us.

Private settlement in Grasberg near Bremen-littering, negligence, anarchy, nomadic employment „“

Are you dealing with scattered or abandoned apartments in Grasberg near Bremen and you don’t know where to start? Then let the specialist do the work. We remove all household items, debris, dirt and debris from the apartment. The removal of insect pests is also no problem for us. After professional disinfection, we ensure professional cleaning and / or renovation of the affected room. Please feel free to contact us. We will arrange a free viewing reservation with you.


Clearing bids are non-binding and completely free of charge. The bid price is basically based on the size of the sale. All costs are taken into account and you will receive a fixed price offer. We release buildings from furniture, household items or other debris. Waste is handled professionally and environmentally friendly by a designated disposal company. Contact us and we will advise you efficiently and in detail on filter options.

Business liquidation / condominium

Wenn in Bremen und Umgebung eine Wohnung oder ein Geschäft geschlossen ist, kann Ihnen unser Studentischer Zollassistent nützliche Dienste leisten. Sie helfen unterwegs mit und entsorgen Sperrmüll. Demontage, Transport und Entsorgung erfolgen fachgerecht. Endlich ist Ihre Wohnung oder Ihr Geschäft in einem guten Zustand. Auch studentische Hilfskräfte stehen freiwillig zur Verfügung, um Wohnungen und Betriebe in Bremen und Umgebung zu schließen. Gewerbliche Kunden können mit ihren Assistenten auch Werkstätten, Lagerräume, Restaurants, Hotels recherchieren und sogar Messestände abbauen. Bitte beachten Sie jedoch, dass wir nur Personal stellen und keine Entsorgungs- oder Lagermöglichkeiten im eigenen Haus zur Verfügung stellen. Über unsere Partnerpartner können Sie jedoch Transportfahrzeuge unterschiedlicher Art und Größe mieten.

We help you get things done quickly, easily and cheaply. Traditional freight forwarders or clearing houses charge fees based on the size of each item. In addition, there are labor and travel costs. Clearing support for students is a cheaper alternative. We provide student assistants for your quick, unbureaucratic movements and approvals. Both private and corporate customers have the flexibility to use their assistants as needed. They do all the necessary work with accuracy, precision and care. In this way the costs are reduced to hourly wages and labor costs. In this context, you can save even more by organizing your own transport trolley and disposal service provider.



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