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Audirvana kef ls50 wireless free.MQA audio: What is it? How can you get it?

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The Copland CSA audirvana kef ls50 wireless free a well-equipped and impressively capable amplifier. Copland is one of the unsung talents of the high-end hi-fi industry. Despite being in business for almost 40 years, the company has rarely grabbed the limelight. But that has more to do with the way the brand operates than audirvana kef ls50 wireless free quality of its products. This small Danish company only makes a limited range of electronics often valve based and audirvana kef ls50 wireless free about its business in an understated audirvana kef ls50 wireless free.

Its products’ life cycles tend to be fairly long, and new introductions are rare and done without much fanfare. As far as features go, this integrated could be all the amplifier most music fans will ever need. At its core is a hybrid electronic design, which uses a single double triode valve in the line stage feeding a high power MOSFET power amplifier section.

The result is a solid W per channel into an 8ohm load that rises to a healthy W as impedance halves. Those figures suggest that the CSA will be able to drive most speakers to serious levels in all but the largest of rooms. For vinyl fans, a phono stage suitable for moving magnet or high output moving coil cartridges sits alongside single-ended three and balanced XLR one line-level inputs. Больше информации for an amplifier of продолжить чтение type, Bluetooth in aptX HD form is on the menu.

Add a 6. It makes class leaders such as the Rega Aethos and Naim Supernait 3 sound a little uneven in comparison. It has a spacious presentation audirvana kef ls50 wireless free renders an expansive soundstage. The presentation remains stable, too, even when the piece becomes demanding or volume windows 8.1 enterprise 6.3 9600 exploit free rise. This amplifier is all about clarity. It детальнее на этой странице in the subtleties and displays a level of finesse audirvana kef ls50 wireless free sonic sophistication that puts us in mind of far pricier alternatives.

The presentation is nice and open, even in an album as densely produced as this. If you value rhythmic coherence and dynamic punch above all else, its rivals move ahead. Our view of the amplifier stays positive whether we use the digital or analogue inputs. The phono stage is good too. Overall, the CSA offers an excellent alternative to the established class leaders and has an equally convincing, but different, blend of attributes.

Read our guide to the best stereo amplifiers. Read our Rega Aethos review. What Hi-Fi? Our comprehensive tests help you buy the very best for your money, with our advice sections giving you step-by-step information on how to get even more from your music and movies. Everything is tested by our dedicated team of in-house reviewers in our custom-built test rooms in London and Bath.

Our coveted five-star rating and Awards are recognised all over the world as the ultimate seal of approval, so you can buy with absolute confidence.

Read more about how we test. Home Reviews. Cons – No display – Needs care with headphone matching.



Copland CSA review | What Hi-Fi?.Qobuz crashing Studio? – Streaming Services – Audirvana


The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with solid bass, clear midrange, and sparkling highs. The built-in analog and digital inputs allow you to directly connect to any music source, and the built in Bluetooth interface provides a seamless wireless connection to any phone or laptop computer.

The setup flexibility of the Transparent Zero active speakers provide an all-in-one musical solution to virtually any home requirement. The wireless remote control makes use with a TV a breeze, with better performance than a comparably priced soundbar. If not, why bother. The T0 brings audiophile sensibilities to small, affordable, and convenient everyday use.

Great bass, clear mids, sparkling highs, holographic imaging, and amazing dispersion are the magic behind the experience. Bluetooth is the standard for wireless streaming from your handheld or computer, and aptX offers near-CD quality with simple ease of use. Listen to your favorite artist from Amazon Prime, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, or any of the hundreds of choices at your fingertips. Connecting is a breeze thanks to the Bluetooth control buttons on the wireless remote.

Your music, your way. Take control of your music with the Transparent Zero full-featured wireless remote control. Select the source you want to listen to, set the volume, adjust the bass and treble, or put the speakers into Bluetooth pairing mode, all from the comfort of your favorite listening position.

The remote control makes the T0 the ideal addition to a TV, with much better performance than competing soundbars. The analog input allows direct connection to your phone, phono preamp, or other device. The multiple connections give you flexibility while ensuring an obsolete-proof design. Purchase knowing you have years of happy listening ahead. The result is full range sound that is unprecedented from such a small system. Transparent Zero speakers have an impressively flat frequency response curve.

When measuring how well a speaker faithfully and accurately reproduces the sound as it was recorded, the flatter the frequency response curve, the better.

In any other lesser speaker one would expect that to result in messy, sloppy, farty bass—but NOT here, these are as tight and clean as can be. These also really seem to love it when you give them the beans. In my experience they do tend to take a little getting used to though.

Curiously they sound better the longer you listen to them. Hopefully sometime I can pick up their bigger brother the T1e and give those a whirl as well. They are as beautiful today in every way , as the day I took them out of the box.

I did 3 months of online due diligence trying to find the perfect set of speakers that would transform my work environment. It was time well spent! When I listen to them I can close my eyes and can point to where the players of every instrument is sitting on the stage in front of me. It is like being at a live concert in person. When I listen to my favorite classics, a tear rolls down my cheek! Thank-you guys at Vanatoo and hats off!

Thank-you, thank-you! For such small speakers the T0s sound incredibly natural with just the right amount of detail and stupid good bass that hits the sweet spot between not being over done and bloated like a lot of small bluetooth speakers and still surprisingly strong.

Transients come from several feet to the side of each speaker and form at times a soundstage that is wider than deg. When properly set up the soundstage height and depth is also mind boggling. In addition to that both transients and the center image have an incredible 3D quality to them with a lot of space around them. The center image in the meantime is so realistic you feel like you can reach out and strangle the vocalist.

That paired with the myriad of customization settings and remote control makes these suckers probably the best deal in the entire audio market. And that is really my only complaint with these. They are so good you have to spend several orders of magnitude more money on a full sized system to beat these at least in terms of throwing a massive holographic sounding soundstage. Every single person on planet Earth should own a pair of these even if you have a more impressive full size system.

These are hands down the best desktop speakers ever considering their size and price to performance ratio. Only thing I can come up with would be very smart design decisions coupled with a DSP amp thereby bypassing the phase distortion and efficiency loss inherent in passive crossovers because I have spent s trying to replicate how your speakers image in a larger living room system to no avail and its getting a bit frustrating.

I know designing and manufacturing a new product is expensive particularly one with larger parts. But please for the love of all that is holy, or rather saving me from years of tinkering and book learning to DIY something, make a bigger stand mount speaker or even a tower! My desktop audio system has been my primary listening equipment, other than some excellent headphones powered by an external DAC and amplifier, from JDS Labs.

Truthfully, the Transparent Ones quickly became my go to equipment. Exemplary reviews, ratings and trust in the Vanatoo company, I purchased a pair of these remarkable speakers. I use the Transparent One Encore pair on 30 inch pedestal stands, about 18 inches away from the opposite wall from my desktop and Transparent Zeros. I love and use both of the models but am enthusiastically enjoying the sound of the Encores. Soundstage is amazing, as the speakers all but disappear, when playing a good quality stereo recording.

I love hearing sound stretching wider than and above the speakers. Music seems to float, with excellent instrument and vocal placement. That holds true for all frequencies, with the resultant sound much bigger than the speakers. Plenty deep for my office, bass is tight and detailed, thanks much to the passive radiators, on the rear of the speakers, to enhance quality. Vocals, both male and female are astonishingly real sounding, most often positioned above the speakers. I opted for the cherry finish and the speakers are beautiful and very solidly built.

I really appreciate the generous inputs available… USB, coaxial, optical, analog and good bluetooth. The speaker audio settings available is amazing. Even the easily removable speaker grills are impressive, as when re-mounting them, magnets firmly and precisely snap them into place! The very functional remote control is user friendly and contains controls for seemingly every adjustment parameter.

The Transparent Zeros are perfect and amazing desktop speakers. Highly recommended! Note: the Encores have been used by many satisfied purchasers as desktop speakers as well. Very powerful and no need for an external sub! I cannot speak highly enough of these.

I absolutely love and highly recommend them! I just purchased the Vanatoo Transparent Zeros. I had read the reviews. I thought the Zeros would probably work for my desktop sounds. WELL… that is an understatement. The zeros are just outstanding. Sound is clear. Sound is detailed. Excellent frequency response and range. Imaging is first rate. The quality of the bass is simply stunning for such a small speaker.

Again… the sound is stunning. However, after many years of heavy use, they finally gave out. A few years ago, I remembered listening to a review of the Transparent Zeros by Joshua Valour and began researching them further. The reviews I found are consistent. I purchased a pair and set them up, about 40 inches apart, on my desk and paired them with a Klipsch RSW on the floor. All I can say is WOW, the sound was pure magic right out of the box using the recommended setup instructions which automatically set the crossover for the subwoofer.

I love music. I am not an audiophile. I just know when the music sounds like it should. When the box came I o pened it and starting with the packaging I was impressed. I was up and listening in less than 10 minutes. The speakers are elegant and the sound blew me away: Rich, crisp room filling distinct and transporting. I am not an audiophile, I did not know what to expect, but I do know when it sounds right.

I highly recommend these speakers to anyone who loves listening to music. They are perfect in every way. I first came across these at the Axpona audio convention years ago. I was walking by the Vanatoo room and heard the clarity and sound bellowing out from the door. I sat and listened for a while and was blown away.

I got them for Christmas and they sound even better than I remember! I searched the internet for the best desktop speakers.

Something that was not too large for a true desktop application more in line with near field listening and found the typical recommended speakers to be of the bookshelf type that overpowered my setup and did not aesthetically fit my needs.


Audirvana kef ls50 wireless free –


I stream music from Tidal using Audirvana for the ability to take advantage of Hi-Res files. I feel that if I continue to tweak the placement of the speakers and play with a few settings I may be able to get a slightly better sound out of them but frankly the image is so centered to my dual monitor setup that there really is no need to do anything at all other than enjoy them as is.

These speakers are enjoyable at all levels. If you are in the market for dedicated desktop speakers, look no further, take Vanatoo up on the day trial period and see for yourself. I plan to do what you are supposed to do with great music and that is sit back, listen and enjoy. I found the Transparent Zero speakers after looking around a bit on the internet.

I was specifically looking for a smaller form factor speaker for a desk set up that did not sacrifice build or sound quality. After some deliberation and reading of various audiophile reviews I decided to order a pair.

And I was not disappointed. After some testing with my media, including lossless rips and vinyl, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Transparent Zero speakers have a robust sound despite their size, and have clarity that I have never heard out of a speaker this size. Nothing sounds muddy here. Feature wise, I appreciate the remote and the several options for connectivity Bluetooth is very welcome! One criticism I have is that the knob and VTB switch for utilizing the special functions is a little arcane to say the least, but this does not detract from the overall quality of use and listening experience these bring.

The mids and highs are clear and sharp and in no way fatiguing, the sound is very detailed and there is good separation in frequencies, and the separation of instruments is unreal for any speaker regardless of the size, especially when listening to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles sound tracks.

Some tips — for placement make sure the speakers are not pointed directly at your ears, like inches away from you ears, you will sacrifice a tiny bit of high end detail, but you will gain massively in sound stage. I am an audiophile used to stellar audio reproduction.

I can honestly say the T0s defy logic. Put them up off the table or desk a few inches. The small iso acoustics stands are perfect. Perfect stands for desktop. Set the T0s on flat, turn off the limiter, connect with toslink. Truly amazing performance will greet you. High end worthy sound in a near field mini monitor. I am cheap. I like good value. When I told an audio enthusiast friend I was interested in some of the more common desktop speakers they told me to check these out.

I thought to myself how good could they really be compared to the cheaper options? I hemmed and hawed for weeks, but the day return window finally put me over the edge. No real risk, right? Well, I am utterly blown away. I have had them for several weeks now and am happily outside my return window. These things are unbelievably good. Incredibly good value. Like many others, I spend a lot of time at the computer.

I listen to all different kinds of music from electronic to metal and I really do love my music. I had a pair of JBL Studio Monitors and they were taking up my entire desk, and I also needed an audio interface for them.

The requirements were that they needed to sound the same, or better, and take up less space. Well, after a few days of use, I can confidently say these speakers are nothing short of incredible. It sounds like the area around you is filled with sound. Hard to explain.

I began saving for them, sustained by that Vanatoo website photo of a cold glass of beer sweating in front of a PC desktop rig that includes a set of T0s.

That photo got me through the winter. After the pennies were saved, and the order was placed, and the speakers arrived, I set them up on my desk, poured a beer, placed it in front of my setup, and took a picture. I emailed it to Gary as a tip of the hat. Then I drank my beer as I gave the T0s their first test drive. It was worth the wait. Soul, funk, jazz, classical, choral, bluegrass, sacred, even drum and bugle corps — my playlist is eclectic.

The sensation in the ears, even at higher volumes, is of easy power — not the familiar sensation of pressure boring into the brain. I have logged continuous hours of worktime listening without fatigue. Even the endless videoconference calls that now define our days are less exhausting.

I can only imagine how a subwoofer would extend the depth — not that I felt I was missing anything. As I lean in on the speakers, toward my PC monitor, these qualities of detail are enhanced.

I have been tinkering with the treble adjustment to compensate, and I suspect I have not yet found the perfect alignment of these speakers. The experimentation is part of the fun. The build on T0s is top-notch; the quality of these units is as evident in the fingers as it is in the ears.

My recommendation: Save your pennies, then raise a glass to your new Transparent Zeros. I needed a paid of small speakers for my desk, mostly for when I make videos trainings, tutorials, etc and to listen to some music in between videoconferences. Be aware though that you will incur import taxes depending on your country and also additional costs if you have to send your units back. Rick at Vanatoo took the time to unpack my speakers and test them before shipping, just to make sure.

Nice service! So, the speakers themselves. Vanatoo provides small damping foam pads to avoid vibrations and help keeping my Iroko desk scratch-free. They really excel on vocal jazz and I just finished listening to a Leonard Cohen track and the best I can say is that I had the impression that Lenny was my coworker for three minutes. The speakers are two-way and bi-amped, with a 48 watt dedicated amplifier for each 4 inch aluminum woofer and 1 inch soft dome tweeter.

When life circumstances changed and I moved to a smaller home, I decided to sell all my stereo gear and start over. The starting over never really materialized except for a fairly recent foray into high quality headphones, headphone amplifier and external DAC.

Deciding that I wanted to get some desktop speakers, fairly small in size but not wanting to spend a lot, I purchased and used some JBL s. I did have a subwoofer that I was using with my JBLs and although VERY satisfied with the Zeros by themselves, pairing them with the subwoofer produces audio quality magic!

Whether fairly loud or comfortably soft, these are a constant revelation! Sitting at my desk listening, more often than not the Zeros seem to disappear. Well done Vanatoo! I have to say these things rock. So much awesome sound from a great form factor. I highly recommend. If you are looking for a versatile awesome sounding set of monitors in a neat form factor package, look here. The Transparent Zero slays. The fidelity and near-field coverage is incredible for such small speakers.

As some interviews below said, I too spent a lot of time combing through audiophile reviews of desktop speakers — your only option to get great sound in a small package? The Transparent Zeros. You can tell a lot of thought went into the entire package. The perfect desktop speaker. Like many of us I have spent most of working from home, as such I decided to upgrade my speaker setup.

Before purchasing I corresponded with Gary about a subwoofer pairing and he was very helpful. After receiving the speakers I was immediately impressed. They have brought life to my daily grind, improving my tunes and even podcasts and TV shows. With the external sub they are more than loud enough for my small bedroom office, I have never turned them up more than half way.

Beyond the amazing sound quality I love their adjustability and amount of inputs. I use all of them on a regular basis and rarely have to manually change them. The remote is also an awesome touch. I have had my T0 for about 6 months now.

I have them paired with a Paradigm Seismic I do everything on my computer from games to music to TV. When I first set them up, I thought something sounds off. I looked closer at them and notice one speaker was angled just a couple of degrees more than the other.. I like bass but not obscene amounts , and while these things are decent for their size, I think they need sub.

God, they sound so much better with a sub. The transitions from high to mid to low and hand-off to the sub is seamless. Everything sounds right.. Anyways, I am quite satisfied that I have acquired an endgame setup. There is simply nothing better for desktop, near field listening for anything close to this price and size. At least I am not aware of anything better. The personal sales support from the top guys at Vanatoo make these a hidden gem I wish I found years ago. If only I could skip the incrementalism and went straight with the T0, I would have saved so much money and never wondered if I could do better.

Thanks Vanatoo. Right to the point, these speakers are really quite nice in a smaller room. The sound is clean, detailed, and has reasonable bass, but to me the key to getting the most out of these speakers is this….. Amazing for the small size! I am particular about my sound and it is such a sonic pleasure to listen to music in my office with these gems.

In fact, that may be overkill and could create unbalanced sound. Also great to have a bluetooth option, simplicity of installation, and numerous options for both hook up and fine tuning bass, treble, etc. Damn satisfied! I did a great deal of research before purchasing and this was my choice.

I have owned some decent desktop speakers but these are clearly the best and a pleasure to use. Owned since Christmas Truth be told, the speakers and sub became overkill for my needs, so in retrospect, I would not have purchased the sub. I opt to keep the sub now that I have it because I do get the added pleasure of getting more highs out of my t0s. This was my original reason for this purchase. So depending on set up, your sound experience could vary. The resulting combination…Heavenly!!!

Listen all day…no fatigue. And, plugged into my TV head phone jack out to the analog in on the Zeros, it sounds great for movies and TV. No more amp…. No more pre-amp …. No more cd player…. No more squeeze box….

No more cluster of wires….. Not missed Rugged?? Packed in a u haul box, these speakers made a long hike across the ocean on a container ship.

The box arriving ,looking like 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. These speakers sound great, especially for their size, and are a pleasure to listen to music through. As the usual conferences and meetings I had were changed from in-person to virtual, I needed computer speakers that had good intelligibility. The Vanatoo Zeros fit the bill. I had heard them at an audio show a couple of years back and was impressed with their sound for their small size. I prefer using the Toslink connection.

I recommend the Amazon Basics as inexpensive and works well. Sounds good for streaming music, a nice bonus. I left them at the initial, default settings. Easy to adjust with the remote or manually. Easy to eliminate by leaving them activated all the time, but I decided to save a bit of power and live with it.

Another potential annoyance, if in a bedroom, is the bright blue light on the back. Again, adjustable and can turn off, if one wishes.

In an office environment, the blue light is a reminder that the speakers are on. I also bought the matching stands. Using as computer speakers, it turned out to be unnecessary.

The handle at the back makes moving them simple. Having the external volume control also on the back of the speaker was initially off putting, then easy to reach by feel after a few uses, also nice aesthetically. The magnetically attached grills are a nice touch.

All, in all, a worthwhile purchase during the pandemic and a pleasant surprise in audio quality in small powered speakers. Overall, they sound extremely good. I doubt you can beat them at this price point. The speakers excel at bass response, big soundstage and clean volume. When I see a passive radiator I assume the bass is going to be muddy but these have a really clean distinctive bass response. The passive radiators mostly seem to enlarge the soundstage explaining why a lot of reviews mention that these speakers sound bigger than they look.

Sound volume is really clean; no clipping when you crank these up. And what a nice feel to the remote. What we got here is a bad case of inappropriate gear, that album was mixed to be played on one of those all-in-one RCA phonograph cabinets.

Led Zep? How about a stack of JBLs and maybe an old Kenwood. Try these. My only complaint is that the various adjustments are rather byzantine in their complexity. I am hearing width, depth, articulation, everything. The T0 gives me gobs of both of those. I had high expectations for these speakers, based on reviews, and those expectations have been surpassed; the speakers are incredible.

I have owned studio monitors from some very high end brands and I can genuinely say that these Vanatoo speakers perform better than speakers costing twice as much. I will be recommending these speakers to everyone I can, because this company really deserves to flourish. I spent A LOT of time looking for powered speakers to go in my office. I needed a smaller speaker and looked at companies like Kanto and Audioengine before seeing that Vanatoo kept showing up in comments Reddit mostly.

I went with the T0 and have since tested them out at my desk, for my tv, and paired with a turntable. Sound quality aside, you can tell they have put a lot of thought into these with the little things like the remote, magnetic grills, etc. I could not be happier with the Vanatoo t0s. I would not say I am an audiophile, but to my ears, these speakers sound incredible. Additionally, you can tell that Rick and Gary put a lot of hard work and love into these things.

The attention to detail for even the smallest facets of this unit is top notch. These things are easy to set up, versatile, and in my opinion look pretty badass. If you are in the market for a new set of bookshelf speakers, I highly recommend these. Oh my gosh, how will I get any work done today? Having listened to my internal speakers for the last 4 years, this is an incredible upgrade and experience. I had researched Audio Engine, Edifer, Kanto and other options for active speakers.

Reviews on YouTube and in writing were highly positive about the T0s, so I took a chance and placed an order for set sight and sound unseen.

First, I was incredibly surprised when I received an email from one of the company founders thanking me for the order, very impressive, and appreciated. Second, when the shipment arrived the packaging was first rate. A heavy duty exterior brown cardboard box, inside the outer box was a white cardboard box with a carrying handle, and the Vanatoo logo, contents identification and serial number of the contents placed on the outside of the white box.

The power supply and power cord, and two foam vibration dampening pads for under the speakers when placed directly on your desktop finish out the accessories. Under the top foam piece are the speakers, firmly nestled in form fitting cutouts in the foam insert, each speaker was double wrapped, first in a clear plastic bag, then in a thicker white protective bag.

The magnetically attached speaker grills are also in this section of the packaging. The speakers are very solid, surprisingly hefty for the very small size. I used the analog 3. The sound was very full, a surprising amount of bass for such a small speaker, and more volume than I can imagine anyone needing in a near field desktop scenario. I fired up a Phil Collins concert from the web and the sound was very impressive. Articulation was very good, voices were clear, instruments were full bodied and easily identifiable in the mix.

In the near field, with the speakers aimed appropriately at my seating location the center was rock solid, the sound seems to be coming right out of the monitor, not from the speakers to the side of the monitor. The opening scene of attacking the armored vehicle had a very broad sound field, sirens of approaching police cars were far to the left of the actual speaker, dialog was rock solid in the phantom center channel, reverberation in the space the truck was taken to was all around the desk, extremely good performance for such a small set of speakers.

First impression was very good. This concert has a large number of different, and very unique stringed instruments, and the T0s did an amazing job of delineating the tones and characteristics of each of the different instruments, it was easy to distinguish the individual instruments.

All of the various sounds made as I navigated the menus and selected a movie to watch were heard, but as soon as the movie started no sound at all! I checked that everything was still hooked up, went back to the DVD and had sound, hmmm.

After scratching my head a bit, I thought about the audio settings in the AppleTV 4K, I checked and the AppleTV 4K was set to Dolby Atmos, I changed the output format to two channel stereo only and restarted the movie and had full audio moral of this story is that the speakers internal decoder for the bit stream from the TV via the fiber optic cable was unable to make sense of the multichannel feed for the Dolby Atmos mix, which is totally reasonable for what is obviously only a stereo pair of speakers.

I have been thinking about needing a change as I find it difficult at times to hear nuances in the sound track of a complex movie, voices often times buried in the mix, and many times closed captioning indicate that something like a doorbell rang, but I was never hearing it in fact closed captioning is turned on partly due to the difficulty in hearing low volume voices and effects in the mix coming out of the Sonos Playbase. With the T0s the sound was very intelligible, all the small background sounds were present, doorbells, items dropping on the floor, etc.

I never saw a closed caption comment about some background sound that I did not actually hear. Panning sounds from left to right were well placed. The impact of things like bullet shots was well defined. Again, for no subwoofer at all, and the diminutive size of the speakers the bass was surprising good, certainly not gut busting, wall shaking bass from a full on subwoofer, but very impressive and usable. The room my TV is in is a quite large space, and the listening chairs are about 6 feet away from the TV.

The T0s were able to play as loud as we wanted to listen with no sense of stress to be fair we were not listening at lease shattering levels, but at volumes that were more than loud enough, certainly not at THX reference level, but for an average home and circumstance more than loud enough and I never attempted to see what the maximum volume was, it was satisfying loud enough below maximum.

In the setup with my TV there is a loss of the strong center focus, making sounds that clearly were mixed to be center focused appear to be coming from the speaker closest to the listener. I suspect this is partially due to the speaker being likely intended for use as a near field speaker, rather than a far field speaker, at 6 plus feet from the speaker I was certainly not in a near field situation and again to be fair, my listening location geometry is not optimal for two speakers, especially this small, to try and create a strong phantom center channel.

But what was clear is just how much we are missing with the Sonos Playbase system even having tuned the room with the True Tuning function in the Sonos app. I will certainly need to make a change to the system being used with the TV, the day of using the T0s connected to the TV, even without a strong phantom center channel, killed the Sonos Playbase listening experience. I put the T0s back on my computer desk and have to say I am very impressed.

Add in the remote control, the myriad of input options, the flexibility in mounting and changing the angle of the face of the speaker versus the listening position by moving the plastic handles to the opposite of the speaker and this is an incredible bargain of an active powered speaker system. And clearly, I need to make a change in my primary TV audio setup! Add in that Vanatoo is based in the Seattle, WA area, as am I, and I am very pleased with my decision to purchase these.

All in all, very pleased and I would recommend these to anyone looking for a physically small, but powerful, highly flexible input options and mounting options, and amazingly affordable set of speakers. When buying electornic gear it is quite important to clearly think through what you are trying to accomplish. I currently spend much of the day at home working at a desktop computer. I listen to classical music almost all the time while working, essentially all of it streamed Idagio, WQXR, Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall , Met Opera On Demand The computer speakers and quite old powered speakers attached throught the headphone port where clearly inadequate.

The desk where I am working is in an open area, open but not a great acoustic enviroment. I have a moderately high end home theatre with excellent electronics and speakers in excellent acoustic environment. However, this is not where I spend my time working and I am not about to try to duplicate this. So, I needed good speakers to sit beside a computer while working. I decided to look for a pair of powered speakers with a built-in DAC. After spending much time on reviews, I choose the Vanatoo Transparent Zero.

Great choice for this application. They fit well on the desktop and look great. Wonderful detailed sound, good base and high end. I have put it through its paces with favorite arias e. Catalani, Ebben? Brahms Intermizzi op. Bach Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor. I was pleased with all. For my application I do not see the need for an additional subwoofer.

Overall a great purchase and great value. I was looking for a set of powered speakers for my new computer room and did not want typical low cost and trivial computer speakers. I was searching to fill my bedroom size computer suite with near audiophile quality sound without high end cost. I searched the net and read and watched many reviews eventually taking the plunge for the Transparency T 0.

Of course one takes a risk since watching a review can no way represent the sound live. Unboxing immediately impressed me with the speakers apparent finish quality and how it complimented my computer environment. My computer output supported Toslink optical cable and the whole system was ready in 5 minutes. My room was filled with extremely pleasing high and mid-range and the surprisingly concise bass from 4 inch aluminum speakers.

The amount of low-end they can produce is crazy. Highs are crisp and vocals are Cristal clear. I have never experienced imaging this good outside of headphones. They get really loud with no distortion. Hello Everyone! I am writing this review because I think you will be hard pressed to find another set of powered monitors that are this good at this price point. I am not going to sit here and spout to you what I think of the treble, mid range, and bass, there are enough people doing that.

No, I am here to say that these just sound good. My previous setup consisted of some giant kenwood tower speakers that I found at goodwill for 50 bucks and an old sansui receiver that a buddy gave me and these blow those out of the water while taking a fraction of the space. As someone who is normally budget oriented I am so happy I decided to spend just a little bit more and pick up these beauties and I hope you do too. Also… I got these delivered to me about 2 days after I ordered them even during the quarantine in Washington, definitely a big plus!

How can this be? I have often referred to her as my Voodoo doctor, as her methods are mysterious but yet very effective and quite magical. Yes, it is mysteriously effective and magical that these small speakers can be so accurate in bass, midrange, and highs… with sound stage, imaging, and volume that is astonishing. Gentlemen, you have created some kind of Voodoo with the Transparent Zero… and I thank you!

Example track evaluations — — America Holiday album, the clarity and sound separation of Hollywood is amazing. Analog from turntable sounds great. Yes, she is right there in front of me.

A re-awakened appreciation of all types of music. Thank you Team Vanatoo. From someone who does his homework before buying, there is absolutely nothing out there that competes with the Vanatoo Transparent Zero, for its size and price point….. For those of us who are tired of all the audio components, cables, wires, settings, and cost of typical stereo systems, this is as good and simple as it gets.

Superb sound and connectivity options at an unbelievable price. Listen to the What Hi-Fi? Becky is the managing editor of What Hi-Fi? During her eight years in the hi-fi industry, she has been fortunate enough to travel the world to report on the biggest and most exciting brands in hi-fi and consumer tech and has had the jetlag and hangovers to remember them by.

In her spare time, Becky can often be found running, watching Liverpool FC and horror movies, and hunting for gluten-free cake. Becky Roberts opens in new tab. See all comments 7. I believe that many other Tidal users are figuring out this too. Probably the easiest way is through Tidal’s desktop application. Just make sure that your sound output settings are bit and 96kHz.

The Tidal mobile apps don’t encode MQA-files, so with them you will need an encoder. With Apple airplay, bluetooth or HEOS, you are limited to 44,1 kHz, so if you want to move the sound to your home studio, you will still need to figure out a way to get the sound from the encoder to the AWR.

The DACs I would leave to hifi-enthusiasts. What Hi-Fi? It is more nonsense from Bob Stewart. MQA has been proven to be lossy, adds ringing to the file, not takes it away, Is not higher that 48KHz as the supposed 3rd unfold is just oversampling method, pays Bob Stewart and his ilk a small amount for every part of the chain MQA is used on, sounds better because the file is db louder than a same FLAC version of the file.

MQA also adds a watermark, which hasn’t been turned on yet, but as soon as it is one will have to pay more to play the files. This small Danish company only makes a limited range of electronics often valve based and goes about its business in an understated manner. Its products’ life cycles tend to be fairly long, and new introductions are rare and done without much fanfare.

As far as features go, this integrated could be all the amplifier most music fans will ever need. At its core is a hybrid electronic design, which uses a single double triode valve in the line stage feeding a high power MOSFET power amplifier section. The result is a solid W per channel into an 8ohm load that rises to a healthy W as impedance halves.

Those figures suggest that the CSA will be able to drive most speakers to serious levels in all but the largest of rooms. For vinyl fans, a phono stage suitable for moving magnet or high output moving coil cartridges sits alongside single-ended three and balanced XLR one line-level inputs.

Unusually for an amplifier of this type, Bluetooth in aptX HD form is on the menu. Add a 6. It makes class leaders such as the Rega Aethos and Naim Supernait 3 sound a little uneven in comparison.

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