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Advantages of using Private note:


Private note is the most trending way of sending messages. It allows the sender to send messages that will get destroyed after they are sent, received or read by the recipient. These are also known as disappearing messages. If you haven’t heard of disappearing messages before, here’s what they’re all about. They are self-destructing texts, pictures, videos, and other content, such as emoji, that gets removed once the recipient has read them. On some chat apps, they are preserved for a predefined amount of time before being sent into the void. Disappearing messages are an ideal tool for people who are concerned about the privacy of their text conversations.

 The advantage of this is that your messages are automatically deleted after a time. This saves the memory of your phone and your phone does not slow down. According to survey, when you use private note your messages will always be protected and they will disappear after a certain amount of time, you can select any time as a second, a minute, an hour,  24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.

A frequently asked question is that what if someone can take screenshot of those messages?

Disappearing messages are considered a privacy feature. So, Don’t worry when disappearing messages are being viewed the screenshot function is automatically disabled, meaning that no one will be able to take screenshot of those disappearing messages.

Privacy is an important aspect we all need to think about when using a mobile device. If you’re looking for best privacy feature for your messages than the best feature is private note.

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